Grieving dad who died four years after his daughter’s murder ‘couldn’t bear the pain’

The father of a schoolgirl who was brutally murdered by two boys “couldn’t bear the pain of losing his little girl”, his wife told mourners at his funeral.

Patrick Kriegel died peacefully at his County Kildare home in Ireland just four years after 14-year-old Ana was killed by a pair of 13-year-olds.

She had been sexually assaulted and bludgeoned with a concrete block when when her body was found in an abandoned farmhouse in County Dublin.

Known as Boy A and Boy B after being granted lifelong anonymity, the pair are the youngest to be convicted of murder in Irish history.

Patrick, who was originally from Paris, was remembered during the service at Newlands Cross Crematorium by his heartbroken wife Geraldine, Dublin Live reports.

During the service, which was a celebration of Patrick’s life, a poignant recording of Patrick singing one of his favourite French songs ‘L’Invitation Au Voyage’ by Leo Ferre was played.

A slideshow of photographs showing Patrick and his family, including his beloved late daughter Ana, in happier times was displayed on a big screen inside the crematorium.

Geraldine paid a loving tribute to her “best friend and soulmate” and told mourners that Patrick “opened a beautiful book for me that became the story of our lives together”.

In a recorded message played to mourners at the service, Geraldine said: “He brought me to a place that I could never have imagined – a world of happiness, passion and excitement.

“If you met him, he could fill your heart with joy just listening to his laughter and his genuine interest in you and your life.”

Patrick moved from France to Ireland many years ago and lectured in commercial and business French.

On the tragedy which struck the Kreigel family with the murder of their beloved daughter Anastasia by two school boys on May 14, 2018, Geraldine added: “The sadness came and how we suffered.

“Life was never the same. My darling Patrick couldn’t bear the pain of losing his little girl, his beloved Ana.”

Among the mourners was Brendan Grehan, SC, who prosecuted Boy A and Boy B for the murder of Ana during their trial.